• Rachel DeSimone

    Rachel DeSimone moved to Naples, Florida in 1985 to pursue her career in the legal industry. Rachel chose throughout her career to work in real estate law.


    Rachel DeSimone was able to reorganize a manufacturing company during the summer months of 2005-2011 and continue her legal field in Naples, Florida seasonally. Rachel obtained and held her title insurance agent license for over 8 years.


    Rachel DeSimone learned how to fly in Erie, PA and in New York. She traveled to Italy to see her heritage.

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    A real estate attorney may feel like an unnecessary expense when selling or purchasing a home. Some states require the use of a real estate attorney; however, others do not, and this can make the need for such services seem nonessential. Rachel Marie DeSimone is a legal assistant with a long...
    There are few times in life when you’ll sign as many pages as during your loan closing. Amongst those countless leaflets of paper is a fee known as title insurance, and if you’re like many Americans, there’s a chance you’re not quite sure what this fee includes. Legal assistant Rachel Marie...
    An award-winning legal professional from southwest Florida, Rachel Marie DeSimone is proud to support a number of incredible charities and other good causes. Among these are the American Cancer Society and humanitarian organization, the American Red Cross. Philanthropic legal assistant Rachel...
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